I thought now was the right time to post this, seeing as I start my second semester on Monday! I can't believe time has literally flown by so fast!

I have loved my first semester! I've met so many amazing people and am now confident that I am studying the right subject for me. If anything, I've realised how passionate I am about marketing and that I want to continue with this subject.

As I expected, it's been filled with highs and lows. The high points have definitely been doing well (I'm surprisingly good at my most hated subject, economics), but it has also been filled with loads of low points. I'm not saying I didn't expect the stress and to be stuck n the library at almost all times (as I knew that was coming), but having to deal with not being able to have much of a social life coupled with family dramas, friend dramas, being extremely unwell and family members being unwell was not ideal. I am so proud of myself for managing to deal with it, though and hopefully semester two will be better!

This post was really just an update on my life post-semester one. I hope you're all having a good day :)

Ashleigh xxx