Hey chicks! Today I'm going to be showing you a gorgeous palette with pigmentation to rival Violet Voss! (And the HG palette is one of my all-time faves, so you know I'm not lying).

I picked up the Fierce as Fire palette as Superdrug were doing a deal, where if you spend £12 on any of their products, you received one of three palettes free and I was instantly drawn to the Fierce as Fire palette.

The lid is plastic, which is great as it means you can see these beauties! It has the brand logo and name of the palette on the clear lid in gold, which (in my opinion), makes the palette look high-end and really posh. I love being able to see the colours before I buy it, and the fact they're beautiful, warm-toned colours is a plus!!

Unfortunately, the colours don't have names. But the four larger squares at the sides are all highlight shades and I love there are highlights to cater to all skin tones. The smaller rectangles in the middle are all eyeshadows and there is a good variation between mattes and shimmers.

These swatches are the four highlight shades, and holy smokes, they are all so shimmery!

Look at the pigmentation on that vivid orange shade! The shades don't swatch brilliantly, but on the eye they are something else. I am never disappointed by Revolution shadows and this palette is no exception.

What do you think of this palette?