Hi guys! Today I will be showing you guys my Naked Heat palette that I got for Christmas, and I will be creating an eyeshadow look with this palette which I will do a post on at some point.

I have loved this palette from afar, when it came out I had no money at all as I had just came back from holiday and I was poor until payday. Then, every other time I have talked myself out of buying this palette (which in hindsight I am so glad for as I got it for my Christmas!)

The palette comes in a pretty metal case, which feels sturdy unlike the metal case the Naked 3 is in. I am so glad UD decided to update this as I hated the velvet covering of its predecessors (i.e. the OG Naked palette).

Aren't the colors to die for? I LOVE warm-toned eyeshadows, and this is so warm toned and wearable for me, I just love it. 

These are the shades! From left to right, there is "Ounce", a pretty white inner corner highlight shade, "Chaser", a taupe-matte transition shade, "Sauced", a darker transition shade which is matte, "Low Blow", again a darker matte transition shade, "Lumbre", a gorgeous pink shimmer, "He-devil", a matte burnt-red shade, "Dirty Talk", a metallic pink-red, "Scorched", a beautiful burnt-red, "Cayenne", a matte-red which could be used on top of any transition, "En Fuego", a deep-red matte which is to die for, "Ashes", a deep dark-purple shade and "Ember", which is a metallic purple with red undertones. 

This palette also comes with a handy mirror, which is the length of the back panel. I love this, as it makes travelling so easy. It also comes with a brush, which is the same one as is in all of the Naked palettes, however it is more dome-shaped (which I'm not sure I like). 

In my swatches, "Ounce" does not appear too opaque. However, that's what I expect in a highlight shade so I am not upset over this. Some of the shimmer shades did not swatch as well as I expected, which is disappointing. The mattes swatched very well, which was a good thing. I am so pleased with this palette and I am looking forward to creating looks with it! Until next time, 


  1. I love the Naked Heat palette! The colours are just so pretty and the pigmentation is excellent. Totally agree with you about the sturdier case, I definitely prefer it. Can't wait to see what looks you create. x

  2. This palette looks so gorgeous, it's on my wish-list of palettes to buy at some point. I'm glad that you're loving it too x

  3. I've never used a Naked palette but they always look so nice! I love the colour choice.
    Panda x |

  4. Ohhhh I'm the complete opposite on the packaging yano! I loved the OG naked palette, the velvet felt luxe and it was so much more sleek and slimlined! Anyway haha, I've been dyinggggg to get the naked heat! It's right up my alley, I'm such a sucker for warm tones! Need to get it asap! x

  5. This is such a lovely pallet, my bestie has it and I just love all the shades.

    Jordanne ||

  6. This pallet is beautiful, I love the colours! My friend has it but I'm yet to purchase, im so tempted!
    Lauren x

  7. I have this palette, I just got this last month but haven't gotten around to playing with it that much!

    Hannah the Mad Dog


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