In my ideal world, I’d always be organised. Nothing makes me feel more on top of the world than being able to pull out my diary and know exactly where I have to be and when, rather than having to rely on my memory. Alas, life is not always like that, and sometimes you’re not 100% prepared for every little thing life throws at you.

In saying that, I want to always be organised and make my life as simple as I possibly can, and today I’d like to show you how I try and achieve that. I have done a post on this before, and my organisation tactics have not changed drastically, but I did want to do an updated post on this. 

I try to organise my life into work, university and life in general. I use my Zoella Jot notebook (which the Boots website said has been discontinued) to write down all of my blog ideas. I write them all down and then I highlight them according to a certain colour which correlates with what kind of post this is. I think this is really helpful as it ensures I don't write too many beauty posts in a row, or too many lifestyle posts in a row. 

Then I have my Me To You 2018 diary which I use for everything! I pop every thing I have to remember in this diary, and I colour code things according to if it's uni, gym, doctors appointments, meeting friends etc. I find that this helps me plan what I have to do in a day. For example, if I have more work to do that is in blue (that's for university),  I know I need to plan my week around more of the library. 

I also have a weekly planner that I got in Primark last year - I've not seen the style that I have, however I know they have others in stock too. I don't write as much in this as I do in my diary - I use it more as a way for me to see what I'm doing this week. I think of this more as my week at a glance, I'll pop down what individual tasks I need to do on it - clean my bedroom, vacuum the house, do a paragraph of my marketing essay etc. 

Finally, my phone is a massive asset in my organisational endeavors! If I'm sitting n a lecture, and the lecturer mentions something that will be in the exam, I'll quickly pull my phone out (I usually have it on my person during lectures, mainly economics) and type it up into my notes. 

I hope this post helped anyone, it's that time of the year that is extremely overwhelming in terms of life in general. 

Ashleigh xxx