I don't have a niche. 

I used to - I used to blog solely about beauty. But, I use my blog as an online diary - I blog about whatever I want.

I love makeup, don't get me wrong, but writing about it bores me. I love reviewing palettes, I love doing swatches and putting together makeup looks. But, I hate doing wear tests, I hate feeling like I always have to write about beauty.

I made a decision at the start of the year to write more beauty content - but I enjoy writing lifestyle content. I honestly don't think I have a niche - I blog about what I want. If I want to write beauty posts, I will, and if I don't, I won't.

There is so much pressure within the blogging community to have a niche, but what if you don't feel like a "certain" type of blogger?

Yes, I love makeup, and that'll never change. No, I'm not going to completely stop blogging about makeup (I have far too many palettes for that), I just don't want to pigeonhole myself. Yes, I blog about beauty, but I also post personal posts, things close to my heart, I post about haircare (very rarely), I do so many posts as so many things interest me. 

I think it's so important to remember that your blog is your corner of the internet where you can post what you want.

Thanks for reading!

Ashleigh xxx


  1. Yes! I´m still currently trying to finy my "niche" (tbh what IS a niche anyways? lol), this post was great to read!


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