If you’re like me and love sparkles, you’ll love this palette! I have used this for a makeup look (and it's a proper full face!) which I will post soon. 

This palette is so cute, it has a unicorn on it! I'm not down with the unicorn trend at all but I found out not too long ago that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, which I think it so cute and cool. 

I never took a picture of it before I opened it (because I was so excited to open it!) but it's in a black case with the Makeup Revolution logo in gold on the cover. 

The colours in this palette are to die for. I am 100% in love and THERE IS SO MUCH GLITTER AND SPARKLE. I'm living.

This swatch is off the top row in the palette. The top row is shadows and the bottom row is full of creamy shadows. The palette comes with a plastic sheet of shade names, and from top to bottom they are called:

"Twilight" - a pearlescent white shade
"Magic" - a gorgeous light pink with a sheen to it
"Enchanted" - a lilac colour with a subltle sheen
"Horn" - a dark navy blue/dark indigo shade
"Darkness" - a beautiful hot pink shade
"I Believe" - a royal purple shade
"Midnight" - a coral pink shade
"Majestic" - a cyan blue shade

And above are the cream shades swatched! The colours are (from top to bottom):

"Charm" - dark blue
"Mesmerise" - a stunning green
"Captivate" - a darker green compared to Mesmerise
"Bewitch" - a hot pink
"Spellbind" - black
"Dazzle" - silver
"Creature" - light blue
"Immortal" - purple

I think this palette has now been discontinued, so it's super hard to find! I can't find it on TAM beauty, Superdrug or Amazon so I don't have a link for you guys (which is disappointing).

Thanks for reading! Ashleigh xx


  1. Ohh I haven’t tried this one! I love the “immortal” shade! Xo

    1. It's so pretty!! My favourite is Mesmerise! XX


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