It's been a while since I done an opinion post, so I'm back with one today. I know you all missed your dose of Ashleigh's opinion, so I'm back with it.

Also - I'm using pictures from Italy because I was going to get loads of outfit pictures, but it is raining (as per). The next time it is not raining/unbearably cold/both and I'm not super busy I will take pictures.

I don't like Valentine's day. And it's not because it's a Hallmark holiday designed to get your money, and it's not to do with "you should show love to your partner everyday!!!", or anything else, for that matter. I just don't like it.

I'm not an overly-affectionate type (until I get a drink in me), I don't like kisses in public and I have been likened to the ice queen.

Don't get me wrong, there are days when all I want are cuddles and I won't shut up about how much I love everyone, but I'd say these are few and far between. This is just me, I have always been like this, I hate feeling compelled to show affection by being sickeningly disgusting when the people I love know I love them and they mean the world to me, but I hate feeling like my way of showing love is inadequate. 

I used to pretend that I loved Valentines day, and I loved the idea of celebrating love (and I do love that idea) but some people celebrate it in different ways. Some send cards to their significant other, but me and my boyfriend wait until the day after for half price chocolate.

What do you think about Valentines day?

Ashleigh xxx