On Sunday, I picked up two pairs of the Primark false nails with the intention of trying them out for you! I've always wondered about Primark nails, but the only time I've ever used them has been for a night out, and I've never wondered how long wearing they are! However, I knew that the Primark nail glue was terrible at keeping nails on for longer than a day, so I purchased the NSI nail glue from eBay after a recommendation from a friend and I applied the nails the moment the nail glue arrived!

I picked up the French nails in a round style and the silk grey nails in an almond style! I preferred these styles as they are much shorter than the pointed nails, and I never want to file and cut them. I didn't want them to be too long and making it difficult to do things, but I also didn't want them to be too short. 

I applied the nails and they have handy numbers on the back of them so you know what ones you are applying! Think like the Elegant Touch nails. This was so helpful for me and saved so much time trying to find nails. 

The application process was so fast! I rarely put nails on myself and I usually go to a nail salon when I want longer nails, so not to be sitting 30 minutes later waiting on the application was a godsend! I honestly think it took me about 10-15 minutes. To put the nails onto the glue, I held it for about ten seconds on my natural nail and it doesn't feel at all like it will fall off! 

I am not the best at applying nails by any means (why I go to salons) but I don't think these look too bad. Considering I pay about £30-35 for my nails to be done in a salon, £1 for a full manicure is impressive! 

Would you ever consider Primark nails?
Ashleigh xxx