As a gal who loves highlighter, I was so glad to open my stocking on Christmas and see I got the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette and the Sleek Metallic Matte Me in the colour "Roman Copper" in a gift set, and today I thought I'd share my thoughts on them!

How beautiful is this set? The Solstice palette is raved about within the blogging community, and even from the packaging, I can see why! I don't know why all bloggers are obsessed with rose gold, but it just looks so aesthetically appealing and I absolutely love how the copper of the lip cream matches with the palette!

How gorgeous is this packaging? I love how all the Matte Me's and Metallic Matte Me's are packaged, as it is just such a simplistic design that's also not too small to lose in your bag, but not too big to be far too bulky. 

The highlighting palette was the one thing I could not wait to have a look at, and it did not let me down. It is comprised of four shades, three which are baked and one which is creamy. I can't see myself getting much use out of the cream shade as I prefer powder highlighters, however I love that none are too glittery. They have the perfect balance of being blinding but sill wearable and I love that in a highlighting palette. 

And the swatches above are mouth-wateringly good! The top swatch is the creamy shade, and is definitely more pigmented than it's counterparts. The next three are the baked ones, and you'll be happy to learn that the purple one looks beautiful on the skin. The very bottom colour swatched is the Metallic Matte Me, and if you remember my post on the Rusted Rose Matte Me, you'll remember I had an issue with how it looked too watery and more like a lip topper? Well, this one does not need more than two coats to build it up, and is not watery at all!

As I am a woman who likes to make sure she is getting enough for her money, I found out that the Metallicc Matte Me costs £4.99, and for £4.99 you are getting 6 mls of product. Which is a lot for £4.99. And, adding that it is a beautiful product, £4.99 is not at all expensive! For the Solstice palette, it costs £9.99 for 9g of product, so for one shade, you are paying £2.50. This is amazing value for money! All Sleek products I have ever tried have never disappointed me, and this is no exception.