This is an idea that I seen Jenny in Neverland do that I thought was so interesting and I decided to jump on the bandwagon! You can read her post here and if you check her posts out, make sure to leave a few lovely comments for her. I love her writing style and her photography is so beautiful!

I got this picture on Tumblr by searching "Hello February quotes"

Reading her post made me wonder what were my top viewed posts in February and all of the posts were posts that I loved writing (can I say posts anymore times tho)! In February, I focused more on 'lifestyle/opinion' type posts and I love it. Those types of posts are my favourite to read and I'm so glad my readers agree.

The first post that had such a high amount of views was a post called 'Take Control of Your Life' and this post was an unplanned post where I talked about feeling rubbish but not letting it control your life - basically telling myself to get my stuff together. I always find personal/rambly posts do the best, and I love writing stuff where I can get everything off of my chest.

I also wrote a post about changing my domain which you can read here. Again, this is a personal post where I just ramble on and make copious Moana references. I think this post done so well because it's relatable and I'm glad as I was a bit nervous about posting it!

This post proved to be popular and I am so happy as I love wring about "conspiracy theories". My posts about conspiracy theories are usually quite popular - which I love as I really enjoy researching them.

I also done a post about my opinion on Valentines Day which was popular - I have no clue why as my reasoning for not liking Valentines Day are quite unorthodox - but here we are. I was also unsure how people would react to this but I think (?) it's safe to assume people enjoyed it.

My final post is one about Primark false nails which I really enjoyed writing!

*This isn't including my February round-up post which you can read here.

Have you ever had a look at your most viewed posts for the month?

Ashleigh xxx