Since it's exam season soon, I thought I'd talk to you about how I increase my productivity and how I make sure I stay focused and on my A-game!

Some days I'll wake up and just want to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians all day, and that is okay in moderation. However, it's important to make that not become a regular occurrence. Instead, what I do, is tell myself if I study for two hours, I've more than earned a Kardashians break.

*Working for two hours straight can burn some people out, so it's up to you to find what works best for you! I personally cannot study for less than an hour at a time, but different strokes for different folks. (It's okay, I also am cringing profusely).

It's always important to give yourself breaks. After a while (this depends massively) I find my mind wandering and I play a game on my phone or I watch an episode of something on Netflix, and then I am able to focus on my work.

I find that listening to music helps me so much when I'm studying (I make sure to listen on my Google home and not on my phone otherwise I'll scroll through Twitter for the 2999382th time that day). My favourite right now is the Midnight in Paris soundtrack, but I have a classical music playlist that I listen to aswell.

If it's one of those days where I completely lack motivation, I look at a "studyblr" or a study Tumblr. I follow so many of these Tumblrs and I find them so useful and inspiring for me to look at. They're also things on Instagram too, I follow a few study Instagrams, but if I go onto Instagram, that's me gone for an hour or so, so I have a look on Tumblr.

Always make sure you're hydrated and have plenty of food when necessary to avoid yourself from burning out too early!

Do you have any tips I've not mentioned? Be sure to let me know!

Ashleigh xxx