On Friday, I ordered the Makeup Revolution foundation and concealer. You know, the one that's meant to be a dupe of Tarte Shape Tape and the best concealer you'll ever get your hands on? 

I wanted to see if it'd live up to its hype - so I ordered the concealer and the foundation directly from the Revolution Beauty website as the concealer and foundation are both out of stock at my local Superdrug. I ordered the shade C3 as on the website it said this shade has pink undertones for pale skin. The foundation cost me £5 and the concealer was £4 - absolute madness to get two base products for under £10. 

I'm in awe of the packaging, it's so pretty and Instagrammable. I love that both products are chunky - I hated the Maybelline Fit Me! concealer because the bottle was so slim and the wand was so small, but I don't have that problem with these. But being pretty is one thing, what matters is the performance. So, how do they do? 

I feel like everyone and their mum knows the Makeup Revolution concealer is amazing - I sort of hoped I'd be let down by this just because everyone is raving about how amazing it is - and everyone's right. I don't use concealer in my laughter lines so I can't say if it creases there or not - but it only creased a bit under my eyes. I have very deep lines under my eyes and the creasing was minimal come 7pm when I wiped my makeup off. 

The concealer has a very creamy formula and it feels so moisturising on the skin! The top swatch is the concealer and then at the bottom I've blended it in - you can't see it that well, proving it's a perfect match for me. The one thing that I was let down by (even then, not massively) was the coverage. From reading blog posts and watching videos about it, it was touted to be super full coverage, and it just isn't. I hate full coverage concealers as I find them really difficult to blend in, but if you like them then that may be a factor to consider.  

Now, onto the foundation. The foundation had its pros and its cons. A positive to it was the fact that its in a stick form. I personally love this, as it uses less product and reminds me of when I was younger and would steal my mum's panstik from her makeup bag. Unfortunately, that's where the pros end. It's not a bad product by far, but it clings to dry patches that I didn't even know I had. It also dries fast on your face, but transfers very easily. It's quite hard to blend if you're not using your fingers (I used a stipple brush AND a beauty blender to make it look decent, and honestly I don't have that sort of time in the morning. I will use this again, as I hate feeling like I've wasted money (I'm on a student budget here, in the words of Tesco "every little helps"), but I'd only use this for days where I have more time to get ready.

My top two swatches are the concealer and the bottom swatch is the foundation. My shade is C3 in both products. 

Have you ever tried the Makeup Revolution concealer or foundation? 

Ashleigh xxx