I love makeup more than anything, and just after Valentine's day I done this cute pink eyeshadow look! This look was inspired heavily by this video so if you want to see how I achieved this look then I would suggest following that!

I love anything pink - I think pink makeup looks suit me the most and are just my all-time faves to do! This look was intended as a "Valentines" makeup look - but it was about a week after Valentines Day that I done it, and also I would wear this any day of the year. 

Even though I do love pink and it is not uncommon to see me sporting a shade of pink on my lids, the eyelashes were a tad long for me! I am so funny about eyelashes, I like them to be super long but not too long, and I think these are the KISS Lily lashes (though I'm not 100% sure as I can't really remember!) 

The pink headband is something I never wear, I have it for those days where I want my hair out of my face but I don't want to put it in a ponytail or when I'm doing my makeup, but I'm more than often wearing my Minnie Mouse ears when that is the case. 

Hope you're all having a great day! Let me know if you enjoyed this type of post!

Ashleigh xxx