I'm off to Berlin and Krakow with two of my friends in June - literally 3 months away! Berlin and Krakow were never places that I particularly wanted to go - they were places I wouldn't turn down but weren't the places I'd choose to go. However, after googling the two places I fell in love with what the two places have to offer. I thought it would be helpful for those of you who also have a little break away planned to see what I suggest doing!


I usually start by seeing what time I get into the country I'm visiting at and then have a look at train times/airport shuttle times. Remember to always change your dates to the right ones as you could be looking at winter timetables when you need to be looking at summer ones!

Also, remember to give yourself at least half an hour from getting off the plane to getting the train/bus. I'd also recommend printing out or having a copy of the timetable on your phone so you aren't panicking about not knowing when the train/bus arrives.

Once you're on your way to your hotel, I'd also advise printing out your booking confirmation and having it on your phone. Some hotels can be funny about wanting both so it is always best to be too prepared than not prepared enough!

I'm usually itching to get out of the hotel room into the city, so however you're getting there, make sure you're prepared! You should always know roughly where your hotel is in relation to the city - when I was in Paris my hotel was around the corner from the Eiffel tower, but then I went again and where I was staying required us to take two different Metros to the city centre. Knowing how long it will take you to get to the centre of the city will also help you plan your day better.

I also suggest booking activities before you go. If you're going as a group it's best to book them all together so no one books the wrong thing. There's some activities that you can leave until you're there - but I'd rather know that I'm definitely doing one activity and, depending on how long it is, you can plan your day around it.

My final tip is to have a look at restaurants before you go. Once when I went to Paris, we went to a "tourist trap" restaurant and ended up paying over the odds for our meal. To avoid this happening again, we always check the reviews and average prices of restaurants.

My motto is "you can never be too prepared" especially when it comes to being away from home. I hope these tips were useful and I hope you have a good day!

Ashleigh xxx