I love ballet, and so when I seen that the Russian ballet were coming to Edinburgh to perform Swan Lake (!!!!!) I knew I needed to go. In October, I booked tickets for me, my mum and my little sister to go to the Edinburgh Playhouse for the matinee show of Swan Lake on 24th March and I will share my pictures and stories from the day.

The day started out stressful to say the least. On the train to Edinburgh, I pulled the envelope I had my tickets in to find that I hadn't put the tickets in the envelope, and it was one of the direct (ish) trains I was on so I couldn't go home otherwise I'd miss the ballet. If you live in or around Glasgow or have travelled to Edinburgh on the train, we were on the train that goes to Falkirk High, Polmont, Linlithgow, Haymarket and Waverley, meaning there was no way I could get off at Falkirk, get the train to Glasgow, go to my house and back and get back on the train to Edinburgh in an hour. Luckily, the woman who I phoned at the Edinburgh Playhouse informed me that they would reprint my tickets for me as long as I had the order confirmation. So that panic was over and we (tried to) enjoy the rest of our train journey.

Post-stress Ashleigh
It was about 12 degrees that day in Edinburgh, which naturally meant I had to take advantage of the good weather. I was wearing a plain black t-shirt from Primark and a pair of striped trousers from New Look. I got mine last year so they aren't on the website anymore but these are quite similar.

I done such a tourist-y thing and took a mirror selfie in public. I actually have second hand embarrassment looking at this because I attracted so many stares, but you gotta do what you gotta do for the blog, right? Aside from the stares, I wanted to show off how I styled my outfit with a jacket and bag. I'm wearing a blue jacket that's short and goes to my hips, and I either got this in New Look or Primark. I paired it with my Michael Kors handbag, which is similar to the Emmy bag but I can't find the same bag online at all.

*If you're wondering I took the picture in Topshop on Princes Street.

I was actually so proud of my makeup and I created a little look that was meant to be more subtle than it turned out to be. What can I say, I'm the queen of being extra. 
Aside from how I looked, once we got into Edinburgh we went straight to McDonalds for lunch. I ordered chicken selects (my absolute favourite), my mum got a quarter pounder meal and my sister had a chicken burger (though we can't remember specifics). Once we had lunch we walked to the Edinburgh Playhouse to see the ballet. 

You're not allowed to take pictures in the ballet but it was breathtaking. Although, during the intermission I had to explain to my mum and sister what was happening. Nevertheless, it was absolutely amazing to see people have such a tremendous skill at doing something they love. 

After the ballet was done, we walked to Pizza Hut on Hanover Street and just had a stroll down Princes Street. I got matching tops for my two younger sisters who weren't with us and a notebook for myself that says "Girl Boss" on it. We then got the train home and I was absolutely exhausted once I got home. 

I had such a lovely day at the ballet with my mum and my sister. Have you ever been to the ballet? 

Ashleigh xxx