This post is a little late for an end of the month post - but I really enjoyed posting about this last month and I wanted to do it again. If you've not checked February's most viewed posts out then here ya go! March was a weird old month for me in terms of blogging, I hit 30k views (!!!!) but I never really had one stand out post that performed the best for me. My popular content was very different to what it was in February and I posted more beauty content in March - the results shocked me, but in a good way.

This cute photo is from Tumblr.

I wrote a post about a fun, pink makeup look that I done, which you can read here, and people seemed to enjoy it! I'm not complaining, I love the look and think it's so cute so I'm happy that other people loved it as much as I did.

This wee short post also performed pretty well. As I've mentioned before, writing more personal content will always be my favourite and I really loved writing this - I never really thought back on what made me start blogging so thinking back on it made me quite emotional!

I done a review on the now infamous MUR concealer and foundation duo and I really found I enjoyed it, after me saying I hate doing reviews. But, I loved testing these out for the blog.

My final post is one where I answered 35 questions about yours truly. I didn't love writing this post but I didn't hate it either. Nevertheless, I'm pleasantly surprised that it done well.

Thanks for reading!

Ashleigh xxx