I've started taking vitamin E capsules and I thought I'd review them for you, and see if they make a difference! I started taking them on the 26th March, and there are 30 capsules in the pack, which will take me to the 24th April, taking one a day as they're high strength.

I want to see what difference they'll make to me and my overall health. I used to take Evening Primrose Oil when I was 13/14, and they improved my hair, skin and nails dramatically, but I really wanted to try something else. I actually have quite good skin, I have a few spots on my face (but then again, who doesn't), and some mild discolouration, but I really want my skin to be as even as possible. I also have really brittle nails (always have), and my hair isn't as long or as shiny as it could be. 

I am terrible with drinking enough water and I am so bad at eating healthily. (Why do the foods that take the least time to cook have to be the worst for you?) I have a fair few problems that I need to fix too, but I'm hoping that by tracking my daily progress for a few weeks will help me become more accountable for my actions. 

Vitamin E is a literal wonder pill. Apart from having many health benefits (it can be used as an antioxidant, and can fight off health issues and free radicals, making you healthier). But if that doesn't do anything for you, it can even lessen PMS pain! Adding to that, vitamin E can thicken hair and promote circulation to the scalp, making it so good to create healthy, longer looking hair. You can read more about the many benefits of Vitamin E here.

So, day one. As I said before, I started these tablets on Monday 26th April,. I took two pictures with a bare face so you can see how my skin is and hopefully how it is improved by using Vitamin E! 

(Disclaimer: I do have mascara on). I also just want to add that my shower's broken right now so I need to wash my hair in the bath using the old-fashioned method of filling a jug with tap water and drenching my hair, and I never get all the conditioner out properly when I'm not using a shower so it'll be up for the foreseeable future :)

Day 2 - Tuesday 27th March

I was running late, so if this picture looks a little blurry then that's why. Today was another busy day, I had a test to do, and then a bit of uni work. I've recently had a really hard time with maintaining sleep - it's due to stress, but it just makes me super tired! I'm hoping the Vitamin E maybe helps that - but I'm not 100% sure.

Day 3 - Wednesday 28th March

Today was a lot better than Monday or Tuesday, and I did sleep better than I have this week (but I'm not sure if that's down to the vitamin E or that this day has been the only day so far where I've not had a test or exam to stress about).

Day 4 - Thursday 29th Match

I am the self-proclaimed worst, but I forgot to take photos for the next few days! I have broke out slightly, but again I'm not too sure if that's down to stress more than anything. I slept really well tonight so I'm hoping that's a permanent addition to my life!

Day 5 - Friday 30th March

Nothing major to report in my skin - my spots don't seem to be fading but also aren't getting worse. So at least that's something.

Day 6 - Saturday 31st March

I remembered to take a photo! As you can see - my skin is clearing up but it's not as clear as it could be. I work weekends so I never have time to drink a lot of water and I'm always so tired after y shifts - who knew standing at a till for almost 8 hours could be so tiring! 

Day 7 - Sunday 1st April 

No photo again today - I started this series with the best of intentions but it never went as to plan. My skin was literally the same as yesterday, though, and I was working again today. I slept so well last night, but tbh I always come home from work absolutely exhausted. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! I am continuing with these posts weekly until I am finished the pot so if this is something you're into make sure to stick around! Thanks for reading, 

Ashleigh xxx