Monday 2nd April - My skin has improved dramatically. I still do have my same "problem areas" where I have redness and huge pores, but that's it. They're not massive problem areas and I'm really happy with how fast Vitamin E has impacted my skin! I can also see evidence of hair growth - I'm not too sure if that's down to me always putting my hair in a classic ponytail so I couldn't really notice any major growth - however it is working! I have been trying out the L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths range too so hopefully that has an impact on my hair. In the past week I have also consistently upped my water intake, it's not as high as it could be but I'd say I drink about 4 bottles a day. Today I was working again, so I was shattered when I finally got home (like zombie-tired), so I can't really speak for the impact that Vitamin E has had on my sleeping pattern yet. 

Tuesday 3rd April - First off, I want to apologise for how pink this picture looks. I took this in my sisters room which is full of pink so that's why I look more pink than usual. Last night I went to sleep at 11pm - my sister wanted to watch a film - and woke up at 8am, feeling refreshed. I normally complain about feeling tired during the day but that's not happened! I made a conscious decision to drink more water as it was so warm inside the house. 

Wednesday 4th April - I ordered loads of clothes from Forever 21 for going on holiday and this was the only picture I managed to take. I slept well last night too - I think Vitamin E has had a positive effect on my quality of sleep. Today I had a busy day so I slacked a bit on the water - I woke up about 8am and went to the post office for half 9, then had to go to the other side of town to pick up my Forever 21 order, and then I went through to my mums for a while, then I came home and studied until 9pm! So I had a very busy day today and fell asleep so quickly come 11pm. My skin is clear (and this may be a bit disgusting to some, idk) but my chest is almost all clear from spots which is a godsend as imagine how clear it'll be come summer! 

Thursday 5th April - Today is the first day I've properly noticed how glowy and good my skin looks! I still have redness and discolouration - but there we are. There isn't a lot to comment on tbh - I feel refreshed and so much better than I did two weeks ago *heart eyes*. 

Friday 6th March - OMG TODAY MY SKIN IS SO GLOWY. I started my period today so I'm sort of bracing myself for my skin to break out so badly, but I'm loving that it looks like this now. Today I didn't feel well at all - I had the worst cramps - so I ate a lot of chocolate which will probably make my skin worse. 

Saturday 7th March - I'm off to work in this picture, my skin is still (semi) clear. The discolouration and redness isn't as bad as it used to be.

Sunday 8th March - I didn't take a "no-makeup" picture today as I went out for afternoon tea and brunch, but here you can see how clear my skin is. I used the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation which is light-medium coverage. 

If you're thinking of taking Vitamin E capsules it takes about two weeks for you to see results! I hoe you all have a good day. 

Ashleigh xxx