It's the third week of taking Vitamin E! I have continued to notice my skin improving. I was on my period this week so I broke out a little but nothing as major as I'm used to!

Monday 9th April - I'm so pale so I always look super light in pictures! There's nothing much to add in here that you can't see for yourself - I didn't drink as much water as usual (I think I've said before, when I'm intensely studying I forget I have to eat or drink). 

Tuesday 10th April - I never took a picture of myself today as I was just feeling a bit meh. You know when you're demotivated and stressed - that's how I felt. If you're interested, I wrote about how I was feeling. Nothing much to add - I have a few small skin-coloured pimples on my cheek that sprouted out of nowhere. 

Wednesday 11th April - Looking at this photo, I see how healthy looking my hair is! I left my hair in my natural state today so it's wavy, but it looks longer than usual. I'm not too sure if that's down to using L'Oreal Dream Lengths and Vitamin E, or one or the other. Nevertheless, I love it. 

Thursday 12th April - I never remembered to take a photo today so I done it before I went to sleep - that's why my hair is still wet and I'm wearing my jammies! My skin looks good and I'm so happy with how it looks.

Friday 13th April - I had a slight tanning disaster - I really hope I can make it look pretty or it settles down because I look super dark! I used the Bondi Sands Light Medium tanning foam and omg I didn't realise how dark it looks until I seen it on camera! I really hope I can exfoliate my face to make it look better. That being said,my skin looks quite clear - I have a few spots but that's to be expected after my period. 

Saturday 14th April - I realised that I shouldn't have used fake tan on my face - I should have used gradual tanner because I'm so pale. Ah well! At least I know for the next time :) My skin has cleared up for the most part - I just want to tackle the redness and discolouration. I never took any pictures today because things aren't changing a lot. 

Sunday 15th April - My skin feels like it's hit a wall - I'm clear of spots but the redness and discolouration still remains. 

I've not finished my Vitamin E tablets - but I have came to a conclusion about them. I feel like my skin clearing up and looking a lot more glowy etc. i due to the water rather than the Vitamin E tablets. 

Thanks for reading! 
Ashleigh xxx