It has been a hot minute since I done a conspiracy theory post, but I seen a super interesting one that I thought many of you would like. My last conspiracy theory post was all the way back in January (slight self promo there) and I also found that one interesting to write about, but this one is about Disney so my seven year old self will love it even more. 

And before you jump to conclusions - it's nothing to do with the princesses being related or every Pixar film being in the same universe - it's to do with Snow White and her prince.

Side note: how cute is this poster? This is one of the original 1937 posters and I love how vintage it is.

So, everyone knows how Snow White ends (and if you don't then I'll have to spoil it for you). The prince kisses her and wakes her from the sleep she was in and then the two get married. But this theory (which I found on Cosmo before I delved a lil' deeper) says that Prince Charming was actually death. 

Believe me, I'm as shook as you. but it really makes sense when you think about it. When Snow White first met the Prince at the wishing well, she seemed scared of him and runs away, he could represent drowning, as she could have drowned in that wishing well. 

The website Movie Pilot, whose page for Snow White doesn't actually exist anymore, claim that the scene where the Prince kisses Snow White and wakes her up. They claim that "The Prince's kiss could actually represent him rousing Snow White from the grave to escort her into the afterlife, hence the strange imagery in the sky and the white horse used to lead his princess into the distance. The white horse has a symbolic relationship with death in the bible (referred to as a 'pale horse' in Revelations) and this might also explain why Snow White is seen saying goodbye to the dwarfs like she is never going to see them again." 

I then had a read of this blog post which explains alternative theories - and said that the Prince/Death is a way to foreshadow the sh*tstorm that would soon become Snow White's life. And when you think of the amount of sheer bad things that happened to poor Snow (when you're having a bad day, just be grateful that an evil queen isn't after your heart), this does seem likely. I would love to believe this instead of her almost drowning - but at the end they still end up together, which means she dies! 

I believe both theories wholeheartedly, and even though I'd love it not to be true, they both make sense when you think about it. 

What do you think about these theories? 

Ashleigh xxx