I went to Edinburgh a few weeks ago with my mum and picked up Gimme Brow+, you know, the eyebrow gel that everyone raves over.

I'll admit, this was one of those purchases that I only wanted as the OG Gimme Brow had been discontinued, and when I seen it was back I knew I had to have it. So, when I was in Edinburgh I picked it up from Jenners department store. 

The girl at the counter was lovely and showed me the product in action - and I was so impressed.  On the Boots website, it claims that Gimme Brow+ adheres to hairs to give natural, fuller looking brows. 

I have been loving the more natural look recently, and I do really like my natural brows. I just have a bit of sparse-ness (is that even a word?) at the tails of my brows. My brows are dark enough until I get to my ends, so ideally I wouldn't have to fill in the mid-section of my brows. GIMME BROW+ WAS THE BEAUTY PRODUCT I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED IN MY LIFE. 

I'm amazed at how low maintenance this product is and how much I never knew I needed it in my life. Thank you Benefit for making the lives of lazy girls everywhere easier with your makeup. 

Have you ever tried Gimme Brow+ or Gimme Brow? 

Ashleigh xxx