GET READY WITH ME - a morning in my life

I love these types of posts, so today I thought I'd take you through my everyday routine! This is a day where I have uni, so my routine changes a bit, some days I will wear a full face of makeup and some days I won't.

Typically, I try to wake up at 6.30am, although sometimes I set my alarm for 7am if I know that I'll be really tired. First thing I do in the morning is go for a shower. Sometimes I'll wash my hair first thing in the morning (every 2-3 days), but if I'm not going to wash my hair then I just use it as an excuse to wake up. I have been using Whoosh Shower Jelly as it smells so fresh and clean! I usually wash my face in the shower and I usually use my Soap and Glory Face Wash or Clean and Clear Morning Energy.

6.45am/7am: After I finish in the shower, I pick an outfit. (I'm really into pink at the moment, so usually wearing something pink). Then (if needs must), I dry my hair and moisturise my skin. Sometimes if my skin is particularly problematic, I apply SkinKissed Vitamin C serum* which is so good at clearing my skin up!

7am/7.15am: Next, I head to the kitchen to make my breakfast, and I either have muesli, porridge, toast and egg or shredded wheat. If I've bought a carton of orange juice then I have a glass of orange juice, but if I haven't then I have a glass of water.

7.30am/7.45am: I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then if I'm doing a full face of makeup, I start my makeup, and if I cant be bothered with makeup then I make my bed and make sure my room is tidy, and make sure my bag is packed and ready to leave the house for 8.20am!

What do you do in a typical morning?

Ashleigh xxx

*All items marked with a '*' have been sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own!*