I done this pretty eye look and I thought I'd let you know how I done it!

I started off with a dark brown colour for my base (along the lid and then on the crease). I then carved out half of my lid with concealer, and patted a shimmery white shade on the concealer. I then winged (slightly) with liner, and applied the Primark Sultry lashes with my DUO Adhesive. 

I used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, but you can get lower-priced dupes here. I also used my Supercat liner to disguise the lash band on the Primark Sultry lashes (which you can get for £1)!! Just don't forget to curl the Primark lashes otherwise they will stand straight and look unnatural. I also use the DUO adhesive in Dark - this disguises the lash band as well - but of course you can use whatever lash glue you want. 

This is the finished look! I love that it looks kinda dramatic, but then not-too dramatic at the same time! 

Ashleigh xxx