what have i been up to recently?

Hey!! I thought I'd share some pictures of what I've done the past two months (even though May isn't finished). I've not done much of note, I've just studied for exams. Almost no nice days out (after from my day for afternoon tea, which I will post about soon). I've went for a few meals, but apart from that I've just been studying or working. (Exciting, I know).

My gran got me this cute little Disney Animators shopper as part of my Easter!

I done a mini holiday haul! I got this dress here. (I technically ordered this in March but it never arrived until March).

I'm wearing this tee-shirt in yellow and ivory and this denim skirt in coral. 

I ordered these cute shorts (I can't find them in white, so I've linked them in black). 

I got this skirt here in the colour light rose. 

I also bought this Hollister playsuit - I can't walk past a Hollister and not buy something!

Me and J went to Silverburn one evening and I bought one of the massive New Look water bottles. Unfortunately it cracked on me. 

I went for afternoon tea with my mum in Edinburgh.

Glasgow Green with cherry blossoms.

It was warm enough to wear shorts to bed! Crazy, I know. I'm wearing a Victoria's Secret PINK top, and Primark shorts. 

It was so sunny! Me and my sisters played some badminton in the front garden. 

I found my old photos from when we went to Orlando!

Me and my dad went for tea and cake. 

I done my hair in space buns and it looked sooooooo cute!(If I do say so myself). 

Thanks for catching up with me :)

Ashleigh xxx