Hi guys - I hope you're all well. I wanted to do a post today to let you know that I'm back now. I missed blogging so much during my hiatus, but I'm back now!

I am so happy that exams are finally over, I have missed my little corner of the internet so much and I just can't wait to blog again! So, I have decided that I'm going to post everyday until I go to Berlin as a little thank you for putting up with me not blogging for so long. I hit 33K blog views while I was away, which was the nicest thing to come back to and meant a lot to me. So, thank you for 33 thousand blog views!

My exams finished on Friday, but as I work weekends I knew I wouldn't be very active on social media. On Friday after my exam, me and Chloe went to get our nails done for our holiday (a bit early but never mind) and then out for dinner that evening.  

I have a busy week ahead of me. Tomorrow I'm getting my jabs for going to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, and I'm also getting my hair cut and coloured, Wednesday evening I'm going out (not sure where though) and Thursday I am spending the day with a friend. I'm also planning to paint my room and I'd like to have that done before I go to Berlin, so my walls have time to dry while I'm away and I can have a nice, fresh room for coming back. 

I just wanted to do a short but sweet post, letting you guys know that I'm back now. Thank you so much for having a read of my blog :)

Ashleigh xxx