Cool-Toned Eyeshadow Look

Those of you who have followed me for a long time will know I h a t e cool-toned eyeshadow, much preferring warm tones. I prefer warm tones because I think they are prettier, and they suit me a lot better (at least I think so).

However, I recreated (if you could call it a recreation) a cool-toned halo eye, which I found here. My original plan was to do the whole look, but I gave up once I finished the eyes.

So, here is my attempt. I am actually not that annoyed with how this turned out. This looks so bad. I found it super hard to blend out and I wasn't happy at all. The only part of the look I actually do like is the eyelashes, which I picked up from Primark (this girl loves a bargain), but apart from that, I would not recommend.

*This post was different, it didn't turn out the way I wanted, in my ideal world, I'd be so good at makeup that NikkieTutorials would be quaking. But alas, I'm not, and there are times I'll look at things I create and be super disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks,

Ashleigh xxx