Day 2 and 3 in Berlin

I went to Berlin a few weeks ago (I apologise for the delay with this post), and had such a good time! I wrote about day one in Berlin and then decided to lump day two and three together. 

Day two, we done a lot. We went on a Cold War walking tour which was so interesting and I definitely recommend it. Then we went to Brandenburg Gate and then we walked through Tiergarten to see the Victory Column. After looking at the tower and sitting in the sun for a bit, we walked back through Tiergarten to go to the Reichstag Dome. 

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. As you can see, it was completely wrecked in the war - it was restored, but only so it would stand. 

Once we finished up at the dome, we went to the East Side Gallery to see the murals on the wall, and then from here we walked into Alexanderplatz (we had cocktails the night before in the same restaurant and loved them so went back). The cocktail which I got was extremely alcoholic, then we went home to our hotel!

Day 3, we went to the German History Museum and then we went to the airport to go to Krakow! 

I also have a vlog up on my sisters YouTube channel!

Thanks for reading, 

Ashleigh xxx