How To Deal With A Blogging 'Drought'

People who are actually interested in my life and blog will know that I didn't post on Monday. This is something that doesn't really require an explanation but I always do my best to be 100% honest and open with those who take the time to read my blog, that I felt like I needed to update you.

I feel like I've not been all that motivated to blog. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure why, I'm not unhappy with my content and surprisingly I've felt very content over the past month - so it's not even that I've been in a bad place recently. Also, I just wanted to brag really quickly that I passed my first year exams! I know it's not a lot to some people but honestly, first year was a bit rubbish for me, so the fact I passed my exams makes me so happy! 

Humble brag aside - I do feel bad for not being as active on social media recently. I'm all for people having breaks from blogging and social media, but I feel different about it when it's me. Also, I haven't taken any extra shifts in work recently (partly due to the fact I'm off work for almost a month and partly because I've been feeling a bit under-valued in work) which has led to me having a lot of free time. And because I have so much free time, I haven't felt as motivated to blog. Sounds like a bit of a paradox, but I am someone who needs a bit of routine in their lives. Give me a day where I have nothing to do, and I will take full advantage of that by watching Netflix in my pajamas all day.

In order to combat this quote-on-quote "drought", I decided to list five ways to overcome my lack of motivation. (And then share it online).

  1. Make a list of blog post ideas! This is something I done before (as I am vvv forgetful) and it helps millions!
  2. Get a routine going! For me, I wake up around 7.30am, have my breakfast, shower, work on a blog post and then I have the rest of the day for Netflix!
  3. Make yourself more organised. This is kind of related to 1. and 2., but I find it so much easier to give something my full concentration when my mind isn't on other things. 
  4. Make sure to reward yourself. You wrote a whole blog post? You deserve to watch an episode of your show on Netflix! There are so many Netflix references in this post, and I am not sorry about it. 
  5. Don't beat yourself up about not always posting. We're all only human, and sometimes things happen and we can't blog all the time. 
I really hopes this helps at least one person out there. Thanks for reading! :) 

Ashleigh xxx


  1. In all honesty, I totally get where you're coming from with this. After Christmas last year, I lost my motivation to blog and I had no idea why. Like, I just couldn't bring myself to sit down with the Wordpress tab open and actually focus enough to write. I felt terrible about it, especially as my blog kinda went a little down hill from there but now I'm back literally 6 months later and I've realised there's nothing to feel bad about. We often beat ourselves up for things we can't control. We can't control our lack of motivation to blog, everyone goes through it once in a while and anyone that supports you and your blog will understand that and just be glad you're back :)


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