how to deal with your time of the month in hot weather

I dread getting my period at any time of the year, but I especially hate getting it in summer. The thought of being hot, sweaty and having to deal with your uterus trying to kill itself is my worst nightmare. Fortunately, I have a few tips to make that week a little bit easier for you!

1. Tampons will be your best friend. Now, I hated tampons with a passion until a few months ago, but I never realised how handy they were! And they're so small and handy for travelling! Honestly, they're not that scary. Once you relax and learn to insert one, you're sorted! I also have to eat before I insert one as I feel ill if I don't eat within half an hour of waking up. You can keep them in for 8 hours which is great for long, hot days when you're going to  be on your feet all day and don't want to worry about changing your pad every few hours.

2. Make sure you're stocked up on cooling face masks. This one is a sort-of 2-in-1, as your skin will break out during this week (or 5 days, if you're lucky). I also get very warm during my period (which is to do with your body not producing enough estrogen) so putting on a cooling face mask (this one is my favourite) is such a nice feeling. Also, relating to feeling warm, I make sure I have loose pyjamas. I don't have these exact ones but any sort of similar pyjamas that are loose with shorts are ideal.

3. Take paracetamol with you whenever you go out.  Okay, so this one isn't exactly rocket science but there is nothing worse than being out on a nice summers day and suddenly feeling like the woman from Devils Due, so always be prepared! Having the worst cramps and a long, warm day is a recipe for disaster, so always have some paracetamol on you!

4. It's important to eat food rich in iron. As you're losing blood, you're also losing iron, which is why you may be more tired than usual and sleep for a lot longer. Foods that are rich in iron include red meat, leafy greens and dried fruit, to name a few.

I hope these tips helped! Thanks for reading,

Ashleigh xxx