Pack With Me!

Hello! Today I am going to the Dominican Republic, eeeek! I'm never normally this excited to go away (apart from when I went to Italy to see my best friend), but I just cannot wait to be in the sun and be able to swim everyday, and eat really good food! This is my first long-haul flight since I was 15 when I went to Florida, so this is also the first holiday in four years where I've had to pack hold luggage! What better way to commemorate than with a blog post? 

My suitcase is a lilac IT luggage suitcase - which holds up to 60l! I can't find the exact one online - I picked mine up in Primark because it was a lot easier while I was buying holiday clothes, but I've linked similar here which was so difficult to find online. It may look like I've not packed a lot - but I really did. 

I bought a pack of storage bags last year when I was in Italy, and honestly they are a lifesaver. I've packed well over 10 days worth of clothes and seven bikinis in mine, which is pretty great going. I also have all of my underwear laying under my storage pack (I don't care if anything gets crumpled - if it does it just mimics how much of a mess my life is). 

In the Soap and Glory bag, I have all my toiletries that won't fit into my clear bag. I have two bottles of shampoo and conditioner in there (I honestly can't remember the brand), and Touch of Silver brightening shampoo and conditioner. I also have three bottles of suncream (I highly doubt I'll need more than one, but I worry about everything; what if a crocodile steals two bottles, leaving me with one?). I have two bottles of The Fox Tan - which I'm sceptical about it working, but the company can take my money regardless! I also have toothpaste in here, moisturiser, sea-salt spray, two bottles of aftersun, insect repellent and exfoliating scrub. I have put a few pairs of socks next to my bag - I don't foresee myself needing socks apart from on the flight home (unless I decide to wear socks with sandals) but a girl can never be too prepared!!!!

Then, I have my pyjamas in the corner of my suitcase next to my shoes - I took three pairs. For shoes, I have a pair of wedges for evening wear, a pair of sliders with a massive bow on the front (I love them), flip flops and shoes that are kind-of like sliders but look less chunky and more like sandals. I also have a travel adapter in here. 

In the top corner of my suitcase, I have a beach bag and four pairs of sunglasses (I have a sunglasses problem, I accept it). 

I'm really nosy so I naturally love posts like this! I hope whoever read this post enjoys it too. I hope you all have a great day! 

Ashleigh xxx 


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