(Another) Blogging Break

I have probably blogged less times this year than I've actually blogged. 

Long time no see, huh! I hope everyone is doing well and life is going great. If you keep up to date with me, you'll have noticed that I was quiet on Twitter while I was away in the Dominican Republic. I didn't have WiFi when I was away (or we did, for an hour a day, but it was too slow to do anything substantial with it). 

I loved not having WiFi - it was great. It gave me a chance to spend quality time with my family, I got loads of reading done and I met people that I can say I wouldn't have spoken to if I had my phone on me. 

And then, I went to Italy, where I did have internet, but I wasn't mentally ready to blog. This past year has been filled with highs and lows - which I may talk about in the future - but I felt like I hadn't properly dealt with anything that had happened. 

Now, I'm back home, and feeling 100% ready to blog again. I can't say for certain that all of my posts will be on time or will be good - and who knows, maybe there'll be a point a few months from now where I feel the exact same way - but for now, I'm good and happy. 

I just wanted to keep you updated - love you!

Ashleigh xxx