How Have I Done With My 2018 Resolutions?

Today marks halfway through 2018, and so today I decided to take a look through my new years resolutions and see if I am on my way to achieving any! If you want to read my resolutions, you can here.

The first resolution I set myself is to stop biting my nails. I still do bite my nails, but it isn't as much now and I also said I want to stress less. I can definitely say that I haven't learned to stress less, but I still have five months left, so maybe I can learn in five months? I also planned to save more money, which I'm okay at - not brilliant but not terrible. (Which is something, I suppose). 

I said I was going to get a new job, which I haven't done as of yet. I also said I would love to get paid for doing makeup. This is one that I've achieved. Aside from a few people messaging me on Facebook asking for me to do their makeup (which I had to decline due to other commitments), I have also done makeup for my sisters friends, which I never charged as they were family friends, but knowing that I could have is amazing to me. I said I wanted to read more, which I have done this year so far, and finally I said I wanted to be more positive and happy, and I'm getting there!

All in all, I'm definitely on track to completing at least some of my 2018 resolutions, which makes me happy, especially seeing as I still have time!

How have you got on with your 2018 resolutions? Thanks for reading!

Ashleigh xxx


  1. Yay, well done Ash! I'm sure you'll hit everything before the year is up :)

    Becca xo |


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