Tips for visiting the Dominican Republic

I can already tell that writing this post will make me sad because I am currently in an economics lecture, whereas a few months ago I was in the Dominican Republic. I done a looooot of research before I went, but there was some things which I seen nothing about and wish I knew before I went.

1. It's highly likely probable you will get sunburnt, especially if you are as pale as I am. I brought three bottles of factor 30 with me, but that definitely wasn't enough. I would honestly say I went through a quarter of a bottle a day -I am neurotic about applying suncream, I am so worried about skin cancer and getting burned - and even then, I still got burnt. 

This is mentioned on literally every blog post I read, but ohmygod it is so worth it. If you're thinking of visiting the Dominican Republic, you need to visit Saona Island. It's so expensive to go, there is six of us in my family and it was something like $500 for us all to go, but it is 100% worth the expense.

3. The locals (apparently) prefer dollars to Dominican pesos. I spoke to a small number of people who told me that they preferred getting dollars instead of Dominican pesos, so we done a 70/30 split between dollars and pesos. If you pay for something with dollars, you'll receive your change in pesos, but most prices are in dollars. It's completely personal preference,but dollars are a lot easier to access than Dominican pesos.

I stayed at the Sunscape Dominican Beach resort in Punta Cana, but I would have loved to stay at the La Romana area (La Romana is the other side of the island, so the side of the beach where the Caribbean Sea is) and the beaches there are somehow more gorgeous than the beaches at the Atlantic side (where I stayed). There was sso much to do in our resort, we barely had to leave.

Where did you go away to this summer? Ashleigh xxx