What did we do in Krakow?

I visited Krakow with my friends Chloe and Kirsty all the way back in June (so I'm a bit late posting this, but c'est la vie). We first off travelled to Berlin (which you can read about here and here if you're interested) and then flew to Krakow, spent two days in Krakow and then flew home.

We spent less time in Krakow as we went to Auschwitz on the Thursday, spent a few hours in the main square and town in Krakow, then flew home on Friday, so I don't have *too* many pictures, but I'm nosy and love seeing what people get up to on their holidays.

We went to Auschwitz at 8 in the morning (I didn't take many pictures at all in Auschwitz and wouldn't feel comfortable putting them in a blog post). It was really tough, but is something I'd recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. At the end of the tour, the tour guide said that it was really important to visit places like Auschwitz so that we don't forget how cruel humans can be, and that really stuck with me. If you ever do go to Krakow, or anywhere where there is a concentration camp, I would suggest you visit if you can.

After that, we never realised how deflated we would all be feeling, so we went into the main square in Krakow, got flower crowns from a market and went for a meal. After our meal we explored a bit, found a lot of Pope John Paul II memorabilia (this made my grandparents very happy when I got home and showed them all of the pictures) and went back to the room where we were staying to sleep to get up for our flight home!

I really liked Krakow, it is a beautiful place but I wish we had more time to spend there.

Ashleigh xxx