AD | using fonts for blogging*

*DISCLAIMER: this is a sponsored post, however all opinions discussed are my own!

Hey! Today, I’m talking about fonts - and where to find nice fonts, and I’ve found that Font Bundles (who are a sister site of Design Bundles) have got you covered! Font Bundles have a selection of affordable digital products, such as mug mockups, patterns, illustrations, patterns, craft files and tools to make graphic design so much easier, and Font Bundles specialise solely in fonts.

This font is probably my favourite font on Font Bundles!

The amazing thing about the fonts with Font Bundles is that they have so many styles of different fonts available with up to 96% off RRP, plus all of the fonts have been designed by independent designers - meaning you're supporting independent designers and artists with your purchase. The fact that they can come with such massive discounts is huge – as bloggers, we often spend so much money on our blogs that fonts don’t come as a massive priority, yet with how affordable Font Bundles are, it means that you don’t have to neglect the font of your blog.

I'm really picky about fonts, but the collection of script font that Design Bundles has gives me so much variety and room to choose between fonts - loads of modern calligraphy fonts which would be perfect for blog headers and Twitter headers.

I've added this to show how important aesthetics is to me
As all bloggers know, it is important that we maintain a good brand identity and the eventual hope is that we have an instantly recognisable brand. In the same way that I look at eyeliner and a ponytail and think ‘Ariana Grande’, I would one day like people to look at something in the light-pink shade that I have all over my blog, and think ‘Ashleigh Anne Rose’.

One of the most important things to me is making sure my blog looks pretty and gives off a good impression of my content, which is important for brands who want to work with me and people who read my blog. I want my blog to look nice, so that I can ensure people will want to come back (also it is easier for me to look at if it looks nice)! I have been trying to improve my handwritten calligraphy as I think it looks so good and artistic, and being able to reflect the same changes online is brilliant.

Some uni notes from last year. 
I am the self-confessed worst with computers – I can use things like Word, Excel, Photoshop etc., well enough but I struggle with everything else! I was pleasantly surprised when I seen how easy it was to use Font Bundles – all you have to do is download a font which will come in a .zip folder, and then once the file is unzipped you just install it by clicking on the files and clicking ‘install’. It is so simple and that is one of the things I love about Font Bundles. I definitely am not the most computer literate person out there so it’s really important for me that things are easy to do on a computer, and I can say with certainty that downloading a pretty font is!

Have you ever downloaded a font? Let me know down below! Thanks for reading :)