AD | autumn date night ideas*

*DISCLAIMER: This post is an AD and I received compensation for it, but all opinions posted are my own!

I love Autumn. Something about the whole season makes me so happy. I love that it's getting a bit chillier, that you can wear pretty clothes and all of the cute dates you can go on! With plenty of free dating sites, you have plenty of choice to find a perfect person to snuggle up with! And if you're in the US, there is also free dating site in usa.

I am in a committed relationship, so we don't date as much as we used to. However, we do make it a habit to have a "date night", where we go out for dinner and drinks. As my boyfriend and I are currently long-distance, it's even more important to spend quality time together, and he's coming up in October to spend a weekend with me, so I thought I'd share some potential Autumn date ideas - let me know if you decide to do anything I've recommended.

1. Make homemade pumpkin-spiced lattes! Full disclaimer: I've never tried a PSL. Every Autumn I always say I'll try one, but then never get round to it! It'd be really cute (I think) to make homemade pumpkin spiced lattes, and then cuddle up on the couch and watch a film! I would suggest a Halloween-themed film, but it's really up to you.

2. Stargaze! As I live in a city, I always struggle to see a lot of stars until I'm in the country, so if you're close enough to the country to see the stars at night, I really think that would be a cute date idea! I always think the stars are more visible in Autumn than they are in any other season.

3. Have a Halloween-themed movie night! I have a love/hate relationship with scary films, but don't mind watching them if I have someone with me! I'd definitely recommend watching IT or The Silence of the Lambs, but you could also just watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a real classic. The list of Halloween-themed films is endless.

4. Bake or cook together. My boyfriend is a great cook; me, not so much. I'm ten-times better at baking, so whenever we decide to do this together, he cooks dinner and I bake dessert! Even if you're not so skilled in the kitchen, you can google almost any recipe and learn how to cook it! If you're feeling really adventurous, you could even pick apples together and make an apple pie (you're free to substitute 'apple' with whatever you want). This way, you are able to have a cheap meal with your other half and you're able to wear pyjamas!

5. Make smores and have a bonfire! I never really want to leave my house during Autumn, so if you have a real wood fire, then you can do this from your own home! If not, then bad luck. I love smores and I love them even more when it's cold outside! Things like this (y'know, when you have to work with your partner) are always so much more rewarding than buying store-bought toasted marshmallows.

And there you have it - my top 5 free Autumn date ideas!! I hope you enjoyed, don't forget to let me know if you did and if you're planning to do any of these. Thanks for reading!!