ten things that make me happy

Hey! I'm aware that my last three posts are ADs, and I just want to apologise. I never want to seem like I'm selling out and I'm always very careful when choosing AD's I'd like to feature on my blog, whether they fit in with the types of posts I normally write and if I'm interested in the topic. With all that said, I wanted to write a post on ten things that make me happy!

1. Seeing my family and friends. I know this is a thing that makes everyone happy, but I just love seeing my family and friends.

2. Sunsets when the sky is pink and looks pretty.

3. The people I love the most being happy.

4. Reading a good book.

5. Blogging.

6. Watching 90 Day Fiance.

7. Having a tidy room, fresh sheets on and burning a candle.

8. Coming home to see I'm having steak pie for dinner.

9. Facetiming William. This is so soppy, but as we've just transitioned into a LDR (just over two weeks ago), this has become my favourite way to end a long day.

10. Getting organised before starting back at uni. I would say I am a very organised person, in that I always have to-do lists, I always have my planner to hand and it's always filled out, but there are few things better than being organised - especially in the first few weeks! I'm actually debating with myself whether to start a study YouTube, but I started a studygram account (it's ashleighhwrites) and started bullet journalling!

What are ten things that make you happy?