five things that make me happy

 Look at me, sticking to a schedule! I've even made myself a spreadsheet to keep myself a bit more on top of blogging (I've recently rediscovered my love of spreadsheets) which makes me feel like ten times more of an adult. I feel like the weather was so nice when I was at work, and how that I'm off for a few days, today looks like it's going to rain, which is disappointing but there's not much I can do about it! I'm in Starbucks (again) - where else am I ever? Currently I'm drinking a hibiscus iced tea with peach and citrus syrup, and this might just be my drink of choice over the summer. I was in a horrible mood this morning, but now I've ate and had a coffee I'm feeling a lot better, so today I thought I'd do a post on five things that make me happy. 

1. Nice coffee dates! 

Over the past year I've been deprived of nice days out, and last week I went for coffee with my friend from uni. We went for brunch (which was absolutely amazing), then we went to a museum - again, because we've not been able to for so long - and then we went for a walk and found a nice place for coffee. We chatted for hours (we met up at 11am and I didn't get home till 6pm) but it was so nice to be able to go out and spend the full day doing things! 

2. Being able to see William again! 

As some people know, my boyfriend moved from Glasgow to his hometown at the end of 2019, so when we first went into lockdown, I was able to see him in July, August and October when restrictions relaxed and our work gave us time off. From December, travelling into Glasgow wasn't allowed and I couldn't cross the border to see him, so I finally seen him again in May (after a cumulative 13 months apart). I'm not going to lie, the whole process was horrific and I missed him terribly, but it made us a much stronger couple for doing it. (The only "downfall" is now I don't have time for listening to anyone complain about not getting to see their partner, especially if they live in the same country). 

We had a lovely long weekend together, and we're next going to see each other in July for my birthday which is exciting! Hopefully we never have to do that long apart again and can now think about our future together. 

3. New books (and actually being able to go into Waterstones)

For my Christmas, my granny got me a Waterstones giftcard for my Christmas, but we went into Level 4 on Boxing Day and so I wasn't able to use it in stores. I spent £13 of it yesterday, and I got the Miseducuation of Evie Epworth by Matson Taylor, and Summer by Ali Smith. I never realised Summer was part of a quartet - hopefully it'll still be readable as a stand-alone book too. My mum got me The Dutch House by Ann Patchett last year for my birthday and I read the whole book in about four hours - my whole train journey to York in August! I've not read another book that fast and haven't been that engrossed in a book for so long - so I'm hoping that either of these two books can replicate what I've dubbed the Ann Patchett effect. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know! :) 

4. Seeing my family 

This is such a cheesy answer but the past year has really taught me how much I need to see my family. As I don't live with my mum, I wasn't able to see her or my sisters for a couple of months during the first lockdown, and during the last two lockdowns I've had to go through phases where I don't really see them for as long as I would like to. I can live without many things, but my family isn't one of them! I have loads of cousins and more distant relatives that I've not been able to see for over a year because they either live too far away or it just wasn't safe, which is so hard but I'm looking forward to reuniting with them as soon as I can! 

5. Being able to sit in places! 

I've really made the most of the past two months of being able to sit in places - if I have a day off you'll find me sitting in a nice cafe applying for jobs, reading or just doing things on my laptop. I've not sat in anywhere for food yet because I am not really a go-out-for-dinner gal, I think I'm a pretty good cook so I'd rather go out for coffee, but sitting in cafes has been lovely and such a lovely change to where we were this time last year!